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For Rudimental Drummers

Version 4

Download the Windows Stand-alone version and/or "Marching Percussion Soundfont" here

Welcome to The Flamtastic Drumputer website!
What's new in Version 4.0
  • Drumputer-specific syntax hilighting for the examples and pattern editors
  • Use of BootStrap for better UI design
What's new in Version 3.0
  • Proper handling of Soundfonts including the new MARCHPERC3.SF2 as well as TapSpace Publication's "Virtual Drumline"
  • also, option for Case-Sensitive variable names and a line-continuation character (_)
  • On-Line Applications:
    • "QuickLicks" - Visual Design and playback of music ***
      • No staff lines mode (i.e. snare, cymbal music)
      • Single staff-lines mode (i.e. snare, cymbal music incorporated in a scoresheet)
      • Staff-lines mode (i.e. Tenors or Basses)
    • "QuickLicks PLUS" - Use the above to CREATE SHEET MUSIC ONLINE ***
    • "Random Exercise Generator" - Test your sight-reading ONLINE ***
  • In general, it is just MUCH better
What's Coming up ... (will be released together)
  • Standard Stand-alone Windows Drumputer - Including the command-line drumputer.exe compiler, Drumputer-Runner, and RAW Helper applets.
  • FlamTastic Drumputer ActiveX DLL Engine - Create Drumputer-like MIDI files from VBA code (Excel, Word, VBScript, Corel Draw, any application that supports "Visual Basic for Applications" components - many examples provided)
  • The "Exercise Generator" - Based on the above ActiveX DLL, this application allows you to generate both random exercises and exercise grids
  • "QuickLicks Plus Windows Stand-alone version" - Also based on the ActiveX DLL, this will allow you to take the online QuickLicks idea where you wanted it to go, i.e. designing an entire set of pages worth of music, as a single part or as a multi-line score
The point of this website/program:
  • You enter a string of rudiment names (from this list), separated by spaces, set a few of the other options and then push the button to create and listen to a MIDI file translated from your text.
  • Also, if you go to the More Info page, I explain how to define and use your own rudiments to make bigger patterns.
  • Multiple voices are now supported!!! See this page for how to do this.

How this differs from most other "Drum Machine"-type applications:
  • This is the only application I've seen, outside of full-blown MIDI editing software, that allows you to mix note types. The other programs/apps lock you into the idea of (for example) 32 32nd notes that you either turn on or off. This is fine if you like to stick to one note type or sub-division in your patterns.
  • Most rudimental drummers prefer to mix note types in their patterns. That's what I've done with this program. This has been designed to handle any mixture of note types as long as it all fits within the given time signature.
  • You're able, if you're so inclined, to actually define, using a scripting language, your own rudiments.
  • Flams are supported as well as the ability to widen or shorten your flams.
  • You can choose Intro and Transition Patterns, set the number of repeats, the start tempo and the amount to change the tempo per repeat.
  • Check out the EXAMPLES page for exercises that can be pasted into the "Drum-Speak" textbox (and which are also great tutorials).
  • ENJOY!

Factors that affect sound quality
  • Almost all sound cards support MIDI. However, different sound cards synthesize MIDI drum instruments in different ways. Therefore, the better (i.e. more expensive) the soundcard, the better it should be at MIDI synthesis. Luckily, the fairly inexpensive SoundBlaster Live soundcards are quite capable. The popular AC97 on-board sound systems do not support soundfonts.
  • SoundFonts
    I Cannot stress this strongly enough! If you have a Soundblaster card capable of loading soundfonts, I strongly suggest that you go here to get the Marching Percussion Soundfont and then be sure to add SET DEFAULTS=MARCHPERC3.SF2 to your scripts so that will automatically adjust the voices to suit.
Check the usage for the Online Drumputer


For more info, contact me (Paul Johnston)
This site last updated: 2013-12-14