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QuickLicks Plus (online version)

  • First of all, this is a web-based application, not a stand-alone application. Because of this, certain things have to be done in a round-about way.
  • You may also find it helps to have at least one of the Single-line QuickLicks Editor Screens open (i.e. No Staff-Lines, One Staff-Line, 5 Staff-Lines). You will be returning to these to grab the contents of the individual lines of your QuickLicks Plus Score.
  • Step 1/6 - Select Score Style
    Everything changes when you change this value
    Score Style:
    Score Lines:

    Step 2/6 - Other Settings
    Title:     Line Length:     Change width of textboxes below:
    Release it?      Flam the Release? Start Tempo Tempo Change / Repeat Repeats:
    Play Beat Indicator?   Volume:       Play Bar Indicator?   Volume:
    Track Names: Track 1:   Track 2:   Track 3:   Track 4:

    Step 3/6 - Fill In Line Info

    LINE 1
    RAW Line1=

    LINE 2
    RAW Line2=

    LINE 3
    RAW Line3=

    LINE 4
    RAW Line1=

    LINE 5
    RAW Line1=

    LINE 6
    RAW Line1=

    LINE 7
    RAW Line1=

    LINE 8
    RAW Line1=

    LINE 9
    RAW Line1=

    LINE 10
    RAW Line1=

    LINE 11
    RAW Line1=

    LINE 12
    RAW Line1=

    Step 4/6 - Text Items
    Text Font Color PosnX PosnY Position
    Relative To

    Step 5/6 - Compile Info for the Drumputer


    Drumputer Script is above

    Step 6/6 - Submit to the Drumputer
    Character Size:


    Extra - Save/Reload what you've done

        Click Here for examples


    If you have any problems email me (include the name of your soundcard with as much detail about it you can give)