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"Drum-Speak"   (See rudiment chart here)
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Release it?Yes     No Flam the Release?Yes     No
Play Beat Indicator? Yes     No   Volume: Play Bar Indicator?Yes     No   Volume:
Time Signature Repeats
Start Tempo Tempo Change / Repeat
Intro Pattern:
Transition Pattern:
(see Voice List):
Main Rhythm:           Beat Indicator:          Bar Indicator: 


Field NameNote
Drum-SpeakThis is where you enter your pattern. See this page for much more detailed info
Release it?You have to try not to write in a release in the pattern you type above. Instead, use this. I know it's hard sometimes not to write the release into the pattern (because you usually think/say it) but it makes handling transitions and repeats much easier if you simply use the "Release it?" field instead.
Flam the release?Self-explanatory? (see "Grace Notes" note below for more)
Play Beat Indicator?Plays generally a Cowbell on every beat. It also respects time signature changes. See Volume Notes below
Play Bar IndicatorPlays generally a Crash Cymbal at bar boundaries. It respects time signature changes. See Volume Notes below
Time SignatureAnything that has quarter note or eighth note as the beat will work (i.e. */4 or */8)
Repeatsrepeat your pattern 0 or more times
Start TempoNumber of beats per minute (between 30-350)
Tempo Change /Repeat• This will alter (+/-) the tempo every time the pattern is repeated
• If there is a transition pattern, the tempo change will occur at the point the transition pattern starts.
Otherwise, it will occur at the point where the pattern repeats.
• The final tempo must also be between 30 and 350 bpm or an error will occur.
Intro Pattern• Select from the list
• This is played at the very beginning, before your pattern is played.
• Its time signature does not need to match your pattern's time signature
Transition Pattern• Like the Intro Pattern but this is played after your pattern is played as long as your pattern is still to be repeated
VoicesThese correspond to the "GENERAL MIDI" drum assignment values listed here

More Notes
Ticks• 120 ticks make up a quarternote. Everything else is defined relative to this value. Therefore an eighth note is 60 ticks and an eighth note triplet is 40 ticks. If you need a quarter-note division that doesn't fit into 120 ticks, you have the option of changing the "TimeBase" (or "Parts Per Quarter Note").
Volumes• Volumes are in the range 1-9. These correspond to the MIDI "Velocity" values of 10-127 in increments of 13.
I figured going with 1-9 would simplify things and that anything below 10 was too low anyway.
Grace Notes• Grace Notes have a duration of 3 ticks.
What this means as far as the MIDI file generated is concerned is that the beat before a flammed beat is actually shortened by 3 ticks (which is audibly undetectable) and then the grace note is inserted and then the next beat.
MIDI Note: If the absolute first note being generated is flammed then the beat/bar indicator,time signature and tempo changes will all be shifted forward 3 ticks. This could make it very difficult to import this file into another MIDI editing program. So, in general, use a non-flammed intro and everything else should be fine.


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