MARCHPERC3.SF2 - The Marching Percussion SoundFont

(You need a Soundblaster "AWE64 Gold" sound card, or SB Live!-series or better, to use this)


SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS

1. Open the "Soundfont Bank Manager" applet. Push the "MIDI Devices" button to bring up the following screen:

2. Increase the "Soundfont Cache" to a value to hold both your General Midi (bank 0) file and this one (which is ~600KB)

3. Push the "Bank" button from the main screen to bring up the above screen.
In the "Select Bank" drop-down box, select bank 001 (which is where I assume you put it when you use SET DEFAULTS=MARCHPERC2.SF2).
The "Bank Stack" list should be empty.

4. Push the "Load" button from the "Configure Bank" screen after selecting Bank 001.
Browse to where the marchperc3.SF2 file is and select it after which the "Configure Bank" screen should look like the above.

5. You should now be able to "play" the piano keyboard to get the different sounds (note "C#6" should produce a "stick click" sound)

"SoundBlaster Live!" Series


SoundBlaster AWE64 Gold

In the case of this soundcard, you open the "AWE Control" program to install the SoundFont file.

UPDATE Nov. 2003 -- Instead of loading Multiple Soundfonts into the first bank, select the second bank (001) and load the Marching Percussion soundfont there (which is where SET DEFAULTS=MARCHPERC2.SF2 assumes it is)

The original MARCHPERC.SF2 Soundfont was created by Eric Landis

(Additional voices added by me from another soundfont - that's why they may not sound like they "belong" with the others)
Actual Voices in MARCHPERC3.SF2
Note: the three HiHat voices have been updated from MARCHPERC2.SF2
Voice(s)Note RangeNotes
Bass 50-51 
Bass 452-59 
Bass 360-63 
Bass 264-67 
Bass 168-7272 is top bass
Stick Click73 
Hand Clap74taken from a different soundfont
Cowbell75taken from a different soundfont
Rim Tap76taken from a different soundfont
Snare77Kevlar head, of course
Tenor 578 
Snare Gak79 
Tenor 480 
Snare Ping81 
Tenor 382-84 
Tenor 285-88 
Tenor 189-109Experiment with tenor voices to suit yourself
Crash1111taken from a different soundfont;
MedCrashCymbal112taken from a different soundfont;
YamahaCrash1113taken from a different soundfont;
HiHat Closed114taken from a different soundfont;
HiHat Open115taken from a different soundfont;
HiHat foot116taken from a different soundfont;
Ride Bell117taken from a different soundfont;
Ride Ping118taken from a different soundfont;

Click here to learn how to use the soundfont in the FlamTastic Drumputer
Click here to download the soundfont
Click here to download a MP3 example of the soundfont

Compiled Summer 2001 by Paul Johnston
Updated Fall 2003