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Random Exercise Generator

Step 1/4 - Select Pattern Group and patterns to use
Select a pre-defined Pattern Group:

Step 2/4 - Select output settings
Release it?Yes     No Flam the Release?Yes     No
Play Beat Indicator? Yes     No   Volume: Play Bar Indicator?Yes     No   Volume:
Start Tempo Tempo Change / Repeat       Repeats:
Bars Per Line Lines Per Exercise
Exercise Title Character Size:
Other Settings Repeat Each Bar? Show Time Signature? Show Tempo?
Step 3/4. Generate Drumputer/Image source code
Tap Volume:         Accent Volume:         Check Pattern:

Drumputer Script is above; Image Source is below:

Step 4/4 - Submit to the Drumputer to produce results



Keep watching for the Windows stand-alone versions of "The Exercise Generator" and "Quicklicks Plus"  

Insert User Pattern Group:
(format is: "RawString1|HexString1|RawString2|HexString2| ... |RawStringX|HexStringX")
Optionally: add extra note-type definitions to the front (i.e. "A=90,B=80|RawString1|HexString1|RawString2|HexString2|...")
charstemplate If you have any problems email me (include the name of your soundcard with as much detail about it you can give)