"Quick Licks" Notation Builder

Staff-Line Editing Mode


Click on the link to do "QuickLicks" with No Staff Lines or with just a single Staff Line

Step 1a/3 - Click on a character or a mini-pattern to insert it into your main pattern
Single-Character Editing:
These patterns can be selected on their own for quick insert/overwrite into your pattern
Multi-Line Editing:
Step 1b/3 - Edit your lick more here
Below is the main pattern edit window

Edit Mode: INSERT   or   OVERWRITE
      Change the pattern width:
Move noteheads at current column:
Switch to No-Staff-Lines mode. or Single-Line mode
CAUTION: the larger the width, the slower the editing takes
You can't save the above image (because it's not a single image, it's a bunch of little ones)
see below to save
Optional Step - Create Image to save/print

Character Size:
Right-click on the image below to save it
(this routine goes back to www.drumputer.com to get a program there to stitch the images together)

Step 2/3 - Generate Drumputer Script

How do you want to interpret staff lines for the Drumputer?
This assumes you're writing tenor or bass parts and top bass (voice A) is space 1 (not top space)
(This fits Drumputer defaults better)
This assumes top space (on top of staff) is voice A and B,C,D,E,F follow as you go down.
(better if you intend to change the default voicing in the script below)
Tap Volume:         Accent Volume:
Notes accumulated while attempting to create a drumputer script will go here
Step 3/3 - Send to Drumputer to produce Sound AND Image

So you can hear it
(be patient, it can take a while)
Extra Step - Save/Load your work

You may need to switch between INSERT and OVERWRITE mode above for this to show up

(You can also use the above textbox to save your pattern and re-load it later by pasting the text back in and pushing the button)